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"No barriers!"

Chin is Mrs. Zhong's son, and has a very bouncy personality. He likes to believe that he has a super power; to run through walls. Fei Fei is his step-sister, who tells him that he's super annoying, causing him to believe that is another super power.


Chin is a silly 8 year old. He is curious, as shown when he follows Fei Fei to her rocket and stows away. He is also playful and silly, as you can see in his opening scene where he asks Fei Fei to play leapfrog with him. He also loves to play ping pong, and has gotten 4th place in a competition. (Although it should've been 3rd.) Chin is also loyal to Fei Fei, shown in the song Hey Boy, where he tries very hard to win the ping pong game against Chang'e in order to get a picture for Fei Fei to prove to her father that Chang'e is real.


Chin wears a red shirt with his blue jacket over it. He also has blue shorts and red shoes. His hair is black, and cut closely on the sides leaving a strip down the middle. He has light skin, and seems the average height of an 8-year-old, about 4'3".


Chin lived with his mother, Mrs. Zhong. It is unknown what happened to his father. He went to Fei Fei's house and told him Fei Fei's father and his mom would get married.

Later, he gets in Fei Fei's rocket and goes to the moon.

When he's locked in The Interrogation Chamber, he makes a deal with Chang'e. If she won, Chin would tell her the location of The Gift and if he won, he would get the photo. He wins, but Chang'e gets him locked up.

He tries to breaks out of there and does with Bungee's help.

He helps Fei Fei get out of The Chamber of Exquisite Sadness.

He gets home at the end of the movie.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Ping Pong playing: Chin is a good ping pong player, being fourth place Yanshi City Ping-Pong Club tournament, and being third at the end of the movie.
  • "Breaking through walls superpower": Chin believes to have the superpower to break through walls, when he does it, he accompanies it with the phrase "No barriers!". However, he was able to break through the door of the Interrogation Chamber (with the help of Bungee) as well as into the Room of Sadness.
  • "Super Annoying superpower": He also believes he has another superpower after Fei Fei tells him "Super Annoying" for a guess to his superpower.